Our Services

1. Crash Data Reconstruction (CDR)


The CDR Tool is a commercially available tool, allowing you to image crash data directly from all of the supported vehicles. It provides a detailed report of critical data parameters leading up to and during a crash. Some of these parameters include pre-crash data, vehicle speed, brake status, throttle position, ignition cycles, delta-V, seat belt status, amongst others.

1. Obtaining data from the vehicle computers after an accident to give a better idea of what happened in the last few seconds before the accident.

2. Vehicle accident reconstruction.



Bosch CDR Tool


  • Retrieve crucial crash related information from millions of vehicles
  • Supports passenger cars, light trucks and SUVs from 16 auto manufacturers
  • Easily retrieve data through the vehicle’s diagnostic port or directly from the control module
  • The CDR Tool DOES NOT clear or alter the recorded EDR data
  • There’s nothing to install in the vehicle



Vehicle speed (in five one-second intervals preceding impact)

Engine speed (in five one-second intervals preceding impact)

Brake status (in five one-second intervals preceding impact)

Throttle position (in five one-second intervals preceding impact)

Driver’s seat belt state (On/Off) Passenger’s airbag enabled or disabled state (On/Off)

Airbag Warning Lamp status (On/Off)

Time from vehicle impact to airbag deployment

Maximum Delta-V ( DV ) for near-deployment event

Delta-V ( DV ) vs. time for frontal airbag deployment event

Time from vehicle impact to time of maximum Delta-V ( DV )

Time between near-deploy and deploy event (if within 5 seconds)


Low tire pressure warning system status

Traction control status

Anti lock brake status

Transmission range

Service engine lamp status

Vehicle door 2/4 status open/closed

Outside air temperature in degrees F

Passenger seat belt switch

Yaw rate

Lateral acceleration

Steering wheel angle

PDOF / Principal direction of force degrees

And more…



Need data from a controller module downloaded? The controller module is removed from the wrecked or under inspection vehicle (if necessary by your own certified technician or our technicians) and shipped using a controlled and verifiable process, preferably a reputable courier services, to us. The preferred approach however is to have the data extracted by a certified technician in situ without removing any component. We will then power up the controller module and download the recorded crash data from the module using the Bosch / Vetronix CDR tool. Our services include: 1. Removal of the controller module and or downloading of the recorded crash data on site should you not have access to a trained technician.2. Quality printed and bound printout of the stored crash data. See list of data components under RRRR)

3. Cutting of CD-ROM of the stored crash data in PDF format.

4. Return (controlled and verifiable) shipping of the crash data printout, CD-ROM, and/or the original controller module and analyst report if requested.

5. The PDF crash data can also be sent by encrypted email the same day.

6. Additionally we provide analyst services, executed by event reconstruction specialists. These assessments and supporting argument information can be included with the information as mentioned in point 2 and 3 should you not have access to your own specialists.

7. Training of both Technicians to extract/download the data and of Analysts to interpret and reconstruct the event from the extracted data.




Crash data retrieval is an important part of any investigation of events involving a motor vehicle, as it provides objective results.

To support the entities in South Africa, ForensicWorx has joined the DARTS (Data Analysis and Reconstruction Technicians and Specialists) group (http://www.eudarts-group.com/) as SADARTS South Africa and are the accredited Bosch agents for the Bosch CDR tool and associated software.

The areas and institutes whom derive the most benefit from CDR are ;

  • Law enforcement
  • Insurance companies
  • Assessors supporting insurance companies
  • Large fleet operators
  • Vehicle rental agencies
  • Legal fraternity
  • Special Investigation units
  • Roadworthy Inspectorates
  • And even individuals that wish to prove their version of events

A pre-requisite for handling CDR information requires an understanding of the controlled process required to extract the data. To this end we offer training for those operators that will be involved in the process of obtaining the data. It is required to fulfil the following:

  • Understanding of the core terms
  • Identification of the system components associated with the download process
  • Knowing how to avoid evidence spoliation issues through utilisation of the preferred methods for downloading crash data
  • and preserving it.

Our approach is to follow a Standard Operating Procedure, (SoP), both while training operators and when our own operators will be executing the activities. By doing this, the data and analysis can be admissible in a legal process.