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Firearm & Tool Mark Investigation

3. Firearm & Tool Mark Investigation



Our State of the Art Comparison Microscope, allows us to ensure thorough investigation services for Firearms (Ballistics) & Tool mark  Investigations.

The only Leeds-Zeiss Comparison Microscope in the private sector for the investigation of:

1. Tool mark examinations

2. Ammunition component examinations

3. Fire arm examinations

4. Other comparative examinations

5. Training of judicial representatives for court work with a forensic focus


Who Would Benefit from this Service?

  • Insurance companies
  • Corporations
  • Theft cases with forced entries
  • Internal investigations
  • Copper or cable theft cases
  • Game farmers: Fence vandalism or Disputes when wounded animals die after hunters have left the farm


  • Comparisons between known samples and disputed samples to see if the origin is the same.
  • Tool mark examinations- establish if specific tool was used to cut or force open an object.


Our Location :

Forensic Hub, 33 New Road ,Midrand, Gauteng, South Africa

(Service is offered nationwide and to immediate neighbouring countries.)


  • Make comparative forensic analysis as it relate to physical evidence available to the public and corporate world.