Forensic services refer to any criminal forensic assistance. Some of the services require crime scene attendance or laboratory analysis. These services will be provided by a criminal forensic expert.

  • Fingerprint Investigation;
  • Taking Of Elimination Fingerprints;
  • Crime Scene Reconstruction;
  • Crime Scene Investigation;
  • Crime Scene Photography;
  • Collection And Packaging Of Evidence, Includes Biological And Chemical Evidence;
  • Ballistic Crime Scene Investigation;
  • Tool Mark Investigation;
  • Shoeprint Recovery;
  • Collection Of Disputed Handwriting Evidence; and
  • Fire Investigations.

All G.I.E. forensic crime scene investigators are able to testify in court as a forensic fieldworks expert due to his training, experience etc. and the fact that all G.I.E. forensic investigators obtained the expert status during time served in the SAPS.

  • Chemical Fingerprint Investigation On Exhibits;
  • Fingerprint Analysis And Comparison;
  • Fingerprint Photography;
  • Biological And Chemical Analysis (Quote on request);
  • Handwriting Analysis;
  • Facial Reconstruction (Quote on request) ;
  • Ballistic And Tool Mark Comparison; and
  • Cell Phone and Computer Forensics (Quote on request).



Investigations refer to criminal related issues as a whole. Investigators could make use of the forensic services as a supporting tool. G.I.E. has the following investigators available in their field of expertise.

  •  Financial (Fraud) investigations;
  • Breach of physical Security related investigations. (Theft, House Breaking, Robbery, Etc.)   ;
  • Theft;
  • Robbery;
  • Murder;
  • ATM attacks / bombings / Vandalism /Public safety;
  • Corruption;
  • Procurement;
  • Third Party;
  • Vehicle Accidents; and
  • Illegal Substances.

Investigations that results into a disciplinary and or criminal hearing will be represented by the G.I.E. investigator or by a G.I.E. contractor in his/her expertise capacity represented by his/her accredited laboratory to ensure that G.I.E. sees the matter through professionally right to the end.



G.I.E. firmly believes that the most fitting approach to proactively fight crime within your business is to pre-screen all potential employees as part of the recruitment process. G.I.E. takes pride in the fact that the pre-screening programme it offers is efficient and proved to have prevented losses to clients. G.I.E. provides the following vetting services to ensure that their clients have peace of mind when employing:

  •  Integrity Assessments;
  • Criminal History Based On Fingerprints;
  • Education Conformation;
  • Financial Assessment;
  • Vehicle Licenses Verification And Related Matters;
  • Determination And Confirmation Of Citizenship;
  • ID Book Verification;
  • Conformation On Addresses, Next Of Kin And Contact Details;
  • Previous Employer Verification;
  • Employee Reference Verifications; and
  • Other Business Involvements.



The following services are also available to G.I.E. clients. Due to the nature of the work and the contacts investigators have, these services became available.

Additional Services:

  •  Criminal Record Expungement;
  • Polygraph Testing;
  • Layered Voice Analysis (LVA);
  • Firearm License Applications And Renewals;
  • Firearm Competency;
  • Liquor License Applications;
  • Working Permits;
  • Permanent SA Residency;
  • Underbridge Birth Certificate; and
  • Police Clearance Certificates.
  • Occupational health and safety.

Contact: gieforensics@gmail.com