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  • 1. Crash Data Reconstruction
  • 2. Crime Scene Reconstruction
  • 3. Firearm & Toolmark Investigation
  • 4. Video & Audio Forensics
  • 5. Cell Phone Forensics
  • 6. Fingerprint Lifting & Analysis
  • 7. Biological & Chemical Evidence Analysis
  • 8. Handwriting Analysis
1. Crash Data Reconstruction (CDR)

The CDR Tool is a commercially available tool, allowing you to image crash data directly from all of the supported vehicles. It provides a detailed report of critical data parameters leading up to and during a crash.

1. Crash Data Reconstruction
2. Crime Scene Reconstruction

Physical evidence plays a critical role in the overall investigation and resolution of a suspected criminal act. Realization of this role depends on actions taken early in the criminal investigation at the crime scene.

2. Crime Scene Reconstruction
Firearm & Tool Mark Investigation
3. Firearm & Tool Mark Investigation

Our State of the Art Comparison Microscope, allows us to ensure thorough investigation services for Firearms (Ballistics) & Tool mark Investigations.

3. Firearm & Toolmark Investigation
4. Video & Audio Forensics

We provide an efficient forensic service to Law Enforcement Agencies, Military Clients and Private Legal Companies. Our work is crucial in many high profile serious criminal cases throughout South Africa and Africa.

4. Video & Audio Forensics
5. Data Forensics

Cell phones can often be a pivotal part of any crime scene case. Forensic Hub offers this service to Law Enforcement, Corporate and Private Clients.

5. Cell Phone Forensics
6. Fingerprint Lifting & Analysis

Fingerprints can be found on virtually any solid surface, including the human body. Fingerprints are a powerful way to include or exclude a person from a crime scene and is a 100% accurate science that has been utilized all over the world since the 19th century. The Forensic Hub’s fingerprint laboratory has the capability to detect and developed prints chemically and physically with state of the art equipment such as: Cyanoacrylate fuming cabinet Crime scene fuming torch, ALS ultra-light light source, A wide range of fingerprint powders and chemicals and equipment. Our experts can assist with fingerprint lifting, analysis and …

6. Fingerprint Lifting & Analysis
7. Biological & Chemical Evidence Analysis

There are many different types of evidence that can be found at a crime scene. Physical evidence can be collected at the crime scene such as a murder weapon. Chemical evidence is any residue from liquids that such as poison and drugs. Biological evidence is when hair or skin from a persons body has been transferred to a physical surface and then be collected and tested. This evidence can be used to find out what exactly happened at the scene of the crime, the history behind the crime and who was involved and could have committed it. Our experts test …

7. Biological & Chemical Evidence Analysis
8. Handwriting Analysis

When  evidence includes a handwritten note, our handwriting experts are able to perform a thorough analysis. It might be the one piece of evidence that gets a suspect charged and eventually convicted. Also known as Questioned document examiners (QDEs), our team can analyze documents for signs of alteration, forgery and, when sample documents are available, handwriting or typing comparisons to determine or rule out authorship (and/or tie a document to a specific machine in the case of typing). Handwriting analysis is a highly methodical process that relies on extensive knowledge of the way people form letters. The characteristics of …

8. Handwriting Analysis