The M.2 complete kit is a very important and useful kit for field operation. it is light weight and very compact. The kit contains many different kinds of M.2 (NGFF) adapters, with SATA and USB3.0 interfaces, supporting SATA and PCIE protocols, that are been used in Laptops, Tablets, Smartphone, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro laptops.
In addition, the kit includes some special adapters supporting custom form factor and special interfaces SSD.
The kit also includes mSATA, Micro SATA, and Slim SATA adapters. Supplied with the kit is a list of the known SSD sorted by MFG part # which direct the user to the right adapter.



  • Mac Adapters:
    2 SATA adapters
    3 USB 3.0 adapters
    Special Adapters:
    3 kinds of adapters (SATA base)
    PCIE X2 adapters:
    1 USB3.0 adapters
    M.2 NGFF Adapters:
    1 USB3.0 adapter
    1 SATA adapter
    Others Adapters:
    Micro SATA
    Slim SATA
    Flex metal mm ruler
    Magnified glass
    Remark: The adapters do not support NVMe PCIE x4 SSD

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